Monday, September 19, 2011

Wellington Regional Hospital, Wellington, Fl

We'll have a full review in the next few days. So far though, the food hasn't been bad, it's not "typical hospital food". Although I should say the cafeteria isn't open for dinner on the weekends, breakfast and lunch only.

For the real update, Mommy and the new little one are doing great!

Both are eating well :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Came across a very cool website called Dinner It's a recipe site you can throw in an ingredient pick a couple of options such as "healthy, budget, fast, etc" and you can pick a type of cuisine from African to Thai and many more between. This is a cool tool if you're doing a meal at home and you're not sure what you want. They also have an option to create a weekly meal calendar to help plan meals out in advance.

So go check it out, and tell us what you think.

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Friendly's, Royal Palm, Fl

After our break, we're back!

I know this is a "Dinner" review site, but we like to review all sorts of meals :)

The other morning, we went out to breakfast at Friendly's. Now most people probably think of Friendly's as an Ice Cream/Dessert place, but they'd be wrong. They actually have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu to go along with the desserts Options.

We arrived around 9:30`ish in the morning, and were able to be seated right away. The server came over and was very personable and he got our drink orders right away. Throughout out the whole meal, out server was great. He was quick with requests and very friendly and professional. It was the kind of service that brings people back.

For the meal, I chose the Lumberjack, It comes with 3 eggs' any style, bacon or sausage and either 3 pancakes, 3 slices of French toast or Muffin ($6.99) I ordered it scrambled, w/ bacon and french toast, and I added a slice of ham to go with it. The food itself wasn't bad, the bacon was just the way I like it, cooked and chewy but not crispy/burnt like some people like it. The French toast was surprisingly good, I'm not normally a fan, but these I'd order again. The eggs were OK, but I don't know if they used a full 3 eggs, it didn't really look like they did, but they cooked properly and had great flavor. The ham slice, which actually ended up being 3 smaller slices, was cooked nicely and went well with everything.

The wife ordered the French Toast breakfast, which comes (again) with bacon or sausage, and she had it with bacon. Also she added a side of country potatoes. Everything I said about my french toast and bacon can just be repeated for hers :). She, said it tasted really good, but recently she's only able to eat a few bites at each meal due to the pregnancy.

For our little guy, we ordered the kids meal "two egg's" breakfast, which also comes with bacon or sausage and toast. As I'm sure you can guess, he had the bacon. Let me tell you, little dude tore into that bacon, it was almost like he couldn't get enough. He also ate most of his eggs and a slice of toast and several of the wifey's potatoes. We were really proud of how well he did with his eating.

Overall, this was a nice family breakfast out and for all 3 of us with drinks, meals and sides was under $25 without tip. For the amount of food and the service we received, we consider this a good deal.

Food: B+
Portion Size: B+
Service: A+