Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Status Update

DA hasn't been very active the last couple of weeks, but hopefully we'll get a chance to post some more reviews soon.

In the mean time, if you have some spare free time laying around, feel free to check out Schlock Mercenary. If you enjoy irreverent web comics, then prepare to lose about 2 weeks of productivity.

Here is the first comic.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Flanigans, Lake Worth, FL

After the Adventure at Red Lobster we decided on Flanigan's for dinner, and we were NOT disappointed.

We arrived at the restaurant just about 7:30, it wasn't crowded, and we were sat by the hostess right away. Because of the problem at Red Lobster we decided to "time" our servers and see just how fast or slow they really were. With in a few moments of being sat at our table, we were greeted by a server who said she'd be right with us. Less than a minute or so later, she had taken out drink orders and gave us some time to look over the menu. Long story short, the service was MUCH faster than the other restaurant we tried this evening.

Food wise, we shared some Joe's Rockin Rib Rolls as an appetizer. The wifey had the Dolphin Francaise w/ dirty rice and I had the Lemon Chicken Pasta. The fish was light and flaky and the dirty rice was filling and had a savory after taste. The lemon chicken pasta (as usual) was great. I love the lemon garlic dipping sauce it's got a really rich and unique flavor, that compliment the chicken and pasta nicely. The portion sizes were large enough for both of us to need to-go boxes.

For people who've never been to Flanigan's before, should know this this a laid back kind of establishment. There are all sorts of decorations on the wall consisting of picture of people fishing,having fun on the water/boats and other nautical themes. One of my favorite things about Flanigan's is that they have trivia cards (usually Trivial Pursuit) at every table. It's a nice way to spend some time while waiting for the food, or if you need an "ice-breaker" for any sort of date type situations.

Overall we had a great time out, which was a nice change from how the evening started

Food: B+
Service: B+
Portion Size: B+

Red Lobster Lake Worth, FL

This is a VERY short review.

Tonight, GG (Great Grandma) was baby sitting our little guy so that the wifey and I could have a nice date night out. So we decided to go to the Red Lobster at the corner of Lake Worth Rd and Jog Rd.

The manager and a hostess were seating a family as we walked in and we took our spot as next in line. Also, as we were coming in several people came in behind us. The manager came back and asked how many in our party, and we told her "two". Now keep in mind we were at the FRONT of the line. She then stopped and looked around at the other guests and asked if they were next, as if we had "cut" in front of them. The other party pointed at us and said "they were". After the manager finally decided we really were the next party, she sat us in the front dining room. She also didn't tell anyone working in that section that she sat us. She just walked back to the office area.

After about 10 minutes of being ignored, with out any of the staff who were walking by even acknowledging out presence we decided to leave.

As we were walking out, I gave the manager a card and told her how disappointed we were. I will say she did try to fix the situation and did offer to "comp" our dinner for the night, but we declined.

Overall, we were quite disappointed, as we'd never had this situation happen to us. Normally this Red Lobster has had excellent and quick service. We also, don't really blame the server assigned to our section. Yes, they are supposed to monitor it and are responsible for it. But, if someone seats a party in your section and doesn't tell you about it, it's kind of hard to keep track of things. Hopefully this won't happen to anyone else in the future. In our opinion, it was a failure of management more than anything else.