Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Rustlers Rooste, Phoenix, AZ

     Rustlers Rooste, is a very interesting dining experience.  Located in Phoenix, AZ, it's about 15 minutes south of PHX Sky harbor Airport and over looks the city of Phoenix.

      This is a country & western themed restaurant and it plays that theme to the max including having "Horny the Bull" a live steer who lives in front of the building.  After you enter and speak with the host, you'll walk on a pathway over an indoor waterfall over to the stairs and slide area.  The slide is quite steep, our (almost) 4 year old went down it once... and he was good that.  However, some of the older kids and younger adults (speaking of mindset not age) went down it several times.  Also, in keeping with the theme, the restaurant has a sawdust coating on the floor to help absorb spills.  This may turn some people off, but we weren't bothered by it.
     Despite being fairly busy, we were seated right away.  Also, there must have been some confusion and miscommunication between the hosts and the wait staff as we had 3 different servers come to the table to take our drink orders, but that all got worked out with no issues. 
     The menu has a good selection of items and as we were on vacation decided to splurge a little bit and ordered the "Cowboy Stuff" platter which has pretty much a bit of everything.  Everything on the platter was pretty good but I did have to add some salt to the steak kabobs. 
     All in all, this was a really nice time and I would recommend anyone who likes a western theme steakhouse to check it out.  However if "over-the-top" themes aren't your thing, you may want to try somewhere else.
Food: B+ Good portions, cooked well, but needed some added flavor.
Service: B+ Started a little slow, but ended quite nicely.
Portion Size: A+ we were definitely full after we left.