Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kobosko's Kreamery, Wellington FL

Kobosko's Kreamery was a really nice change of pace.  For those who don't know Kobosko's is an ice cream shop, candy store and they also sell flower arrangements, cakes and pies.  They have over 30 different flavors of ice cream.  We went the other day the staff, though young, was both friendly and quick. 

The ice cream was at least on par, if not better than, Carvel or Baskin Robbins.  It didn't have that "left in the cooler" ice build up at all.  I really can't say too much more about Kobosko's other than it was a really great way to spend a Sunday evening. 

Overall, I give them a B+

Kobosko's is located at "Kobosko's Crossing" in Wellington, Fl (on Forrest hill Blvd, east of State Road 7 near Olympia).

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beefeeders, Palm Springs, Fl

Beefeeders Steakhouse has re-opened (again) in Palm Springs, Fl.  It is located on Forrest Hill, just West of Congress Ave on the south side of the roadway.  I'll start out by showing a picture from inside the restaurant. 

The ambiance is done really well, and they have a very "old school" elegance inside.  Beefeeders is dark with out being dreary.  It almost reminds me of restaurants from up north. 

We went with a fairly large party (7 including both boys) for a birthday party.  We had reservations set up for 6pm on a Saturday, but we probably didn't need them as the restaurant was not very crowded. 

As for the Food and Service, I'll be honest, we weren't impressed.  This is, for this area, a pretty pricey establishment.  Average entre' costs are between $20-40, if you don't get one of the "early bird specials", then you can expect to put down a pretty large chunk of change.  As for the steaks, I wasn't impressed.  While they were excellent cuts of meat, there was hardly any flavor.  It just tasted, dull.  There was no pop or kick or pizazz.  Our server though very friendly and personable, just didn't seem like he was interested in the quality.  It's little stuff, like asking if people want anymore drinks, or making sure the correct side dishes go on the right plates.  You know, basic service type of things.  Another thing that dropped Beefeeders down, is that they got rid of their Salad Bar.  Now you have a choice of House Salad (lawn clipping style aka Mixed greens.) or Caesar, no more do you have the option of getting the unlimited salad bar, with that awesome green ranch dressing.  The reasoning behind it is that they were loosing too much money on the salad bar.

Overall I was highly disappointed with this trip out and unless some changes are made, I can't recommend this restaurant

Service: C (Friendly, but with messed up orders)
Portion size: C
Food: D

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Teachers Lounge. is a new web forum, users can post anonymously.  People can discuss issues involving today's schools with out repercussions.  Registration is not mandatory.  Please share with your friends.

For teachers, if you've ever wanted to get something off your chest about schools, this is the forum for you.

For administrators, if there is something you'd like teachers to know, without it coming back to haunt you, then, again, this is the place for you.

Best of all, this forum is FREE!

Friendly's Royal Palm Beach, Fl

I'm starting to think that Friendly's, might just be one of the best kept secrets for going out on a Friday night.  We've been several times, and each time there is no wait, good service, pretty good food and best of all not that pricey!

As parents of 2 little ones, when we have a chance to go out as just a couple, we try to take it.  Most of the time, we don't have time to wait 45 minutes to an hour for an open table at a restaurant.  Being able to sit down right away, with out a reservation is awesome.

For starters, we split an appetizer combo, which we got with chicken quesadilla's, mozzarella sticks and loaded waffle fries.  This seriously could have been a meal all on its own, there was a pretty good portion of food on this plate. I had the roasted turkey dinner, which comes with stuffing, corn, mashed potato's & gravy and garlic bread.  Although it was a little salty, it was still quite tasty and they really don't skimp on the portion size.

The wifey had the fish and chips, which she described in exquisite detail as "yummy".  She also ordered from the "4 for More" section.  This allows you to add your drink and a 3 scoop-2 topping sundae for only $4 more.  Considering a drink is like $2+ and the sundae is about $3, it's not a bad deal.

The food overall isn't what you might call "gourmet", but it is tasty and filling and we like it.

The service was good, though it did start getting a little slower near the end of our meal.  Also, though I didn't have a first hand experience, the wifey said the bathrooms were really pretty and clean.  Though I think that might be a girl thing :D

All in all we would definitely go back, but it should be noted that this is a "Dry" establishment (no alcoholic drinks)

Food: A
Portion Size: A+
Service: B+