Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Red Lobster Lake Worth, FL

This is a VERY short review.

Tonight, GG (Great Grandma) was baby sitting our little guy so that the wifey and I could have a nice date night out. So we decided to go to the Red Lobster at the corner of Lake Worth Rd and Jog Rd.

The manager and a hostess were seating a family as we walked in and we took our spot as next in line. Also, as we were coming in several people came in behind us. The manager came back and asked how many in our party, and we told her "two". Now keep in mind we were at the FRONT of the line. She then stopped and looked around at the other guests and asked if they were next, as if we had "cut" in front of them. The other party pointed at us and said "they were". After the manager finally decided we really were the next party, she sat us in the front dining room. She also didn't tell anyone working in that section that she sat us. She just walked back to the office area.

After about 10 minutes of being ignored, with out any of the staff who were walking by even acknowledging out presence we decided to leave.

As we were walking out, I gave the manager a card and told her how disappointed we were. I will say she did try to fix the situation and did offer to "comp" our dinner for the night, but we declined.

Overall, we were quite disappointed, as we'd never had this situation happen to us. Normally this Red Lobster has had excellent and quick service. We also, don't really blame the server assigned to our section. Yes, they are supposed to monitor it and are responsible for it. But, if someone seats a party in your section and doesn't tell you about it, it's kind of hard to keep track of things. Hopefully this won't happen to anyone else in the future. In our opinion, it was a failure of management more than anything else.


  1. Phooey on the manager!! And quit cutting to the front of the line... maybe next time you'll get better service!

  2. Yeah, but I can tell you at first she really didn't want to give us the time of day when I asked to speak with her. However, when she saw our card, she made a big effort to try and keeps us there and make us happy. Unfortunatly it was too late. And we were looking forward to something from the woodfire grill they have.

  3. In my opinion, you do need a date night! You are so worried about other people that you forgot about having a good time and enjoy your partner. Make the most of every situation, no matter how aweful the stinkin restruant is...In my opinion, you should have grabbed some vino, looked each other in the eyes, and had some fun conversation. By doing that, My Friend, time would have took care of itself, your laughter would have sang out to the waitress and waiter, your date would have nugged the chair closer to you, a gleam would have sparked from your eye, and the lobster would have been...the best!

  4. Oh, we still ended up having a nice date, we just went to Flanigan's instead.