Saturday, October 15, 2011

King Super Buffet Chinese West Palm Beach, Fl

This was a very disappointing adventure. This Buffet used to be one of the best places around. The food was good, the price was very reasonable and the service was above average. We considered it highly enough that we actually had our wedding reception here.

We haven't been back here for a while and I don't know if they are under new management or something, but today was just bad.

The food wasn't very fresh, everything looked and tasted like it had been left out over night. They still have a fairly large selection, but it all tasted bland or overcooked.

The service, which at a buffet consists essentially of refilling drinks and removing empty plates, was pretty much non-existent and unfriendly.

As for cleanliness, the restaurant wasn't too bad. The decor was a little dated, and the seats weren't exactly comfortable. But the worst part was the bathrooms, they were disgusting. There was water all over the floor and it just had a very "grungey" smell.

The only thing this place had going for it today was price, which was less than $9 per person including taxes.

Overall, we can't recommend this restaurant anymore unless they really turn their act around. Which I hope they do as this was one of our favorite places to eat.


  1. Good to know! If the bathrooms smell funny it means they are not clean... and that's public... so what is it like behind the scenes? Makes you go Hmmmmm and Eeeeeeeeeewwwww! Don't think I will be going there. Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Well, to be honest they didn't smell dirty persay, it was more a combo of watery mold smell with an under current of some sort of cleaner/disinfectent. Like they tried to clean it, but gave up...