Thursday, January 26, 2012

Something a bit different the book "The Longest War".

This is a little bit different than my normal postings, but I'm helping out a fellow veteran, so please go check this book out at

The Longest War: Stories from the Battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, told by those who lived it.

About the book:
This book is a collection of 45 stories told by the men and women who have lived through the war. Some are soldiers, some are civilians. All have been affected in one way or another, for better or worse. These tales will bring you to the front line in Americas’ longest war. Each is written by the person who lived it, with little editing.
Every war has a voice. Everyone in a war has a story. These are their voices, these are their stories. Their stories, their voices.

About the Authors: 40 different persons contributed to this book. Some are soldiers, ranging from Privates to Sergeants to Officers. Some are civilians who have been caught up in the war. The editor, Sergeant First Class John Holmes, is himself a 20 year soldier and an Iraq War Veteran.

 25 % of all profit goes to Veterans’ Charities. Available in Paperback and all major E-book formats through starting in February 2012.  ISBN 978-1-934209-88-2
Order online now at: World Audience Publishers 

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