Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tokyo Peking Wellington, Fl

This will just be a quick review.

This was a Buffet style restaurant that we hit up for lunch. It has a really interesting decor that helps add to the ambiance.

Food wise, they offer a Sushi Bar, Hibachi grill, Salad and Fruit bar, and a good selection of "standard" Chinese buffet choices. The standard choices include, but not limited to, Pepper steak, Teriyaki chicken, Vegi Lo Mein and more. For the sushi bar, well, I'm not a big sushi guy, but what they had out looked fresh and very well "put together". The Hibachi grill is probably the highlight of the restaurant. They have fresh cooked beef, chicken, shrimp and some awesome fried rice. Everything had a really crisp almost clean flavor to it that went really well with the rice. Also, they had what appeared to be some fresh cooked hibachi squid for the more adventurous dinners.

The service side wasn't bad, out waitress kept our glasses filled and got the empty plates off the table. When it comes to buffets that's all you really need.

Overall, if you like Chinese Buffet's then you should check this place out. Its located on the North West corner of Lake Worth Road and State Road 7.

Food: B+
Service: B
Portion Size: N/A (again, it's a buffet)


  1. Our little guy also enjoyed the fresh watermelon from the fruitbar; he ate two nice-sized wedges. I also enjoyed finishing my meal with some of the fresh grapes. They had a great crispness to them, my only complaint is that both of the fruits had seeds. I took out the seeds so our little guy could enjoy the juicy fruit, which he did. I definitely recommend ending the meal with the tasty fresh fruit as a dessert.

  2. Thanks hon, I had forgot how much fruit you guys ate :)

  3. Mmmm sounds really good. And probably something I can eat! Mom says there is another one at Hypoluxo and Lyons and they enjoy it. I have never been to either but sounds like I need to check it out, if only to give you an update for the sushi!

  4. The one at hypo & lyons, is actually the first store that they opened. The one at SR-7 and Lake Worth Rd is their second store. Prices were fair for lunch also, combined total with lunch for Me and the wife, with a drink for little guy, was just under $25.00.