Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chili's in Orlando, Fl

Went to Orlando for a meeting, and went to Chili's for lunch with one of the Supervisors from work. This Chili's was located off of S Semoran Blvd. We got seated right away and the Waitress came out and took our drink orders. Very quickly I should add. Despite being about 1:30 in the afternoon, the restaurant was not very crowded.

When waitress came back, she had gotten the wrong drink order, which is not a big deal as mistakes can happen. She appolgized and brought the right drink out a few moments later. After she fixed the drink mistake, she then took our meal orders and our food came out fairly quickly. Both of our meals were served with no mistakes, which was a nice change from some of my previous experiances with other Chili's. Over all the service level was pretty average.

As for the food ratings, well it was ok. I probably won't order the Grilled Ham & Swiss sandwich again, or at least it would not be my first choice. For me, the sandwich either needed, more ham, or less bread, it just didn't seem to have equal parts. Although the taste was not bad at all it just wasn't something that I would eat on a regular basis.

All in all this "adventure" wasn't anything special, nothing really great, and nothing really terrible. Personally I find most of Chili's food to be ok, with no significant difference between different locations. At this kind of "chain" establishment it is the service that can make or break a meal, and this time they were able to make it work out all right.

Taste: B
Portion Size: B-
Service: B

Recommendations: I would go back to this location if I'm ever in the Orlando Airport area again.


  1. I feel chain restaurants just aren't worth the effort unless they are exceptionally good, which generally comes with a high price. I have found I prefer mom and pop style restaurants more and more.

  2. For some reason, I just saw this comment today... I can't say that I disagree with you at all. The only real advantage to chain restuarants is that, if you like something, you can generally get it at every single one. That being said most "Mom & Pop" type places will usually blow a chain out of the water when it comes to service and quality.