Friday, May 13, 2011

Olive Garden Lake Worth, Fl

Last night we went to the Olive Garden, because when a pregnant wife craves something, you better deliver the goods. For being a Thursday night, the restaurant was not crowded at all, and we were seated right away. Service started out prompt, and in no time we had our drinks and had placed our orders. I should add that we had a fairly cranky two-year old in our party, and the servers handled it well.

The food was not bad, but I've noticed that the quality has been going down hill for a while. It used to feel like, when you went out to the Olive Garden, you were getting something special. Now it almost feels like "factory food", with no soul behind it. I ordered the Seafood Alfredo, portion size was good and taste was alright also. If you like Shrimp and Scallops in Alfredo sauce, then you just might like this dish. The wife ordered her standard Chicken Parmigiana, which she never finishes and always gets a to-go box. So for her portion size is wonderful, as she gets a meal and a lunch out of the deal.

One thing though that I had a MAJOR issue with, was when the server brought out a refill for my drink. He placed the drink on the table next to the empty glass. Took the straw out of it, and placed it in the new drink. This, as you can imagine, is NOT something that a waiter should EVER do. Yes, I know that all employees are supposed to wash their hands on a regular basis, especially after using the restrooms, but still you don't ever touch your customers food, or straws or utensils with your bare hands. That's just common hygienic consideration.

Over all the meal was quite good, but after the whole "straw incident" I'm not sure if we'll be back to this particular location. Or if we do go, we'll defiantly be requesting to NOT sit in this waiter's section.

Food: B
Portion Size: A
Service: D

I was really disappointed on this Adventure, the service really was quite good, but our waiter greatly upset as he had apparently never heard of germs before. I could understand 15 or 20 years ago doing that sort of thing, but nowadays... it's just not appropriate.


  1. ooooooooooh GROSS!

  2. While I can understand your sentiment I have to laugh at how spoiled we have become as a nation that we have to have something of this nature to bitch about. I guess eating freshly slaughtered goat and sheep over in Baghdad has spoiled me to the finer points of dining. Most of us have access to to much food, fresh water and when we go to bed at night the likely hood of us making it through the night without being shot or raped is amazingly high.
    Be thankful for what you have and bitch less about it.

  3. Richard in the grand scheme of things, I can't say that I disagree with you. There are people even in this country who go to sleep at night just hoping to not be shot up, or just want to find food to feed their kids. But I think that I like being able to talk about my experiances and sharing them with people. That being said, fresh grilled goat was actually quite tasty the one time I had it, tough but tasty.

  4. Hey Richard, I think you're reading the wrong blog. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep a level of sanity. It's a privilege we have from living in a first world country.

    Besides all that, this is a blog about going out to restaurants. I think most people would agree that a head's up about some kid touching your straw is important in the scheme of this blog.

    But, I do think you should write your own blog.

    And Shmerpy, there's a place in East Atlanta Village that has the best goat tacos! Comes topped with a caramelized vidalia onion.

  5. If I ever make it up that way, I'll check it out :)