Friday, May 06, 2011

Mississippi Sweets BBQ (Wellington/Lake Worth)

I'll start out saying that hands down, the food was wonderful. I had the pulled pork platter with the home made applesauce and cornbread, The wifey had the pulled pork sandwich. The pork was very full of flavor and I found it had a great texture and tenderness. I preferred mine without the BBQ sauce. The wife liked hers better with the BBQ Sauce, and overall we were both extremely satisfied with both the flavor and portions sizes.

Despite how good the food is, I think this restaurant will turn into a "Take-out only" venue.  The service was sub par. We either had a waitress who was very new, or didn't care about service quality. The meal started out well, she came over, got our drink and appetizer orders and fairly promptly brought them out. The food was also served in fairly short order, this is where the issues began. Once we got our food, our waitress never checked on us again. She walked by several times, but not once did she even acknowledged our presence.

The manager was making his rounds and checking on his customers (like a good manager should do) and we ended up asking him if he could get us another drink (This would be a good time to add, they they don't do free re-fills at this establishment, at least for soda's) and a to-go box. He brought the drinks and box out very quickly. As we were finishing our meal, our server came back over to collect the plates and asked if we needed anything else. We said no, just the check. About 20 minutes later she finally returned with the bill and we were able to pay and leave.

All in all this was a very "meh" dinning experience that could have been a wonderful outing. It really is true that it no matter how tasty the food, if the customer is not happy with the service it really takes away from the whole meal.

This restaurant is located in the Publix shopping plaza at Lake Worth Rd and SR-7.

Taste: A+
Portion Size: A+
Service: D-

Recommendations: Take-out only.


  1. Yeah, maybe your server was, like, new?

    "Turn into a take-out only venue", are you mad?

  2. Although this review is over year old, I appreciate your feedback and feel I should expand a bit on this. It doesn't matter how new the server was or not, it felt like blatent disrepect. This dining experiance was litterally what made us launch this whole Dinner Adventures blog, that's how bad it was. If the server was new, like I proposed in the second paragraph, then there was an extreeme failure from the management in training and supervising the staff. If she was an experianced server, then again there was a failure in management for letting that kind of behaivor toward a paying customer occur.

    My wife and I having both worked in the restaurant industry expected at least a minimum level of service. This restuarant, quite simply, did NOT deliver. I know how diffucult it can be to wait tables, I also know how easy it is to put a smile on your face and make sure your tables are taken care of.

    Would I be willingto give Mississippi Sweets a second chance? Sure, I'd be willing to go back to see if they have improved. Most places deserve a second chance.